Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors

Comprehensive Power (CPI) builds permanent magnet (PM) motors providing up to 5 times the torque and power of conventional motors of the same size and weight using high-energy rare-earth magnets and our patented nested coil technology.

Permanent magnet motor

A PM Motor from Comprehensive Power

Comprehensive Power’s TeraTorq® motors are a family of modular, configurable liquid-cooled permanent magnet motors available to 20,000 horsepower. TeraTorq® motors’ steel construction and advanced stators are designed for harsh environments and high axial shock loads.

TeraTorq® motors are rugged, variable speed, high-torque and high performance permanent magnet AC electric motors. They provide very high power-to-volume and power-to-weight ratios, and maintain full torque down to extremely low shaft speeds and are readily modified to match system mounting and interface requirements.

Comprehensive Power also specializes in the design and manufacture of custom motors. Let Comprehensive Power build a permanent magnet (PM) motor for your volume production application.

Power motor at Comprehensive Power's factory.

A Comprehensive Power Motor being manufactured at Comprehensive Power’s factory



Compact and lightweight Comprehensive Power’s motors meet very tight space and weight requirements, providing the ability to put extraordinary power directly where it is needed.
Rugged and reliable CPI motors are transportable and withstand harsh operating environments while providing years of trouble-free use.
Designed for safety Peace of mind and safer work environment.
Highly efficient Lower energy consumption for the power output reduces operating costs.  In remote locations, where diesel fuel is used to generate electric power, CPI motor efficiency significantly reduces fuel transportation costs as well.
Easy to operate Operation by even field personnel without specialized electrical training.
Quiet Can be deployed in noise sensitive environments and applications.
Easy to integrate Lower cost to deploy.  CPI motors can be integrated with CPI drive systems or a broad range of standard drive electronics.

Energy systems from Comprehensive Power enable applications built from permanent magnet (PM) motors, generators, drive electronics and controls comprised of powerful, proven technology.

Top drive motor on an oil rig.

A Comprehensive Power Top Drive Motor on an Oil Rig

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