Permanent Magnet (PM) generators from Comprehensive Power (CPI) are the choice for many renewable energy applications, including wind, wave, and tidal power, for converting energy to electricity. Comprehensive Power designs and builds high performance PM generators capable of harvesting the maximum amount of energy in a system with reliability, limited maintenance requirements, high power with small size and light weight designs, and the ability to operate with high efficiency across a large range of speeds.

permanent magnet generator

A PM Generator from Comprehensive Power

Our innovative designs provide high power density, enabling our generators to commonly be deployed in direct drive configurations, which eliminate the unnecessary cost, complexity, size, and weight required by cumbersome gear and transmission systems.

Large TeraTorq® Permanent Magnet Generators.

Large TeraTorq® PM Generators being manufactured at Comprehensive Power’s factory

Comprehensive Power generators are self-exciting, removing the need for external power. And, when connected to an energy source such as a utility grid or battery bank, a Comprehensive Power generator can even act as a motor to spin a turbine during startup, if needed. The power range of our generators spans from a few kilowatts to several megawatts, and from rated power at 10 to thousands of RPMs. The electrical performance can be optimized based upon requirements.

TeraTorq® generator and custom drive electronics.

A Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® generator and custom drive electronics (blue, in center of turbine) about to be deployed underwater to convert hydrokinetic energy into grid compatible electricity.

CPI is experienced with applications utilizing different renewable power sources, including wind and tidal power, and our generators can supply power to the grid or to a battery storage system.


The benefits of selecting a Comprehensive Power Permanent Magnet generator for your product



Advanced technical designs are small, lightweight, and high power. CPI compact generators can be axially mounted for direct drive generation on a small wind turbine. Our largest generators are powerful enough to generate several MegaWatts of power.
Broad range sizes and power ratings.In addition to TeraTorq® generators, we have provided pancake generators as well as other special layouts as required The largest selection of size and power options lets us meet your design requirements with reduced design cycle times.
Easy integration CPI generators can be easily integrated with 3rdparty grid-tie inverters, or we can provide inverter design and production.
High efficiency over a large operating range Lower cost power generation over a large range of speed and power operating environments.
Reliable and designed for long life. Products will operate maintenance free for years.

Energy systems from Comprehensive Power enable applications built from permanent magnet (PM) motors, generators, drive electronics and controls comprised of powerful, proven technology.

Permanent magnet generators on a wind turbines.

Lightweight and efficient, PM Generators from Comprehensive Power are deployed on each of the two wind turbines in the picture.

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Variable Speed Generation (VSG)

Comprehensive Power Permanent Magnet (PM) Generators are also utilized within variable speed generation (VSG) configurations, typically consisting of multiple diesel engines, a Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® PM generator for each engine, and TIM modules drive and control electronics. This system architecture provides operators with several benefits including:




Reduce fuel consumption. Rather than operating diesel engines continuously at full speed, engine speed is automatically adjusted based upon actual system power requirements.
Reduced emissions. Tests with Comprehensive Power PM Generators have shown significantly reduced emissions of HydroCarbons, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and other particulates during diesel engine operation.
Reduced Noise. Engines operating at reduced speeds are quieter. In addition to the safety benefits of lower noise, certain field activities (such as drilling) may be able to be located closer to populated areas due to quieter operations.
Reduced engine wear. Your engines will last longer. VSG operation shields engines from torque transients, which cause engine thermal fatigue, stress, and mechanical resonance.
System flexibility, redundancy, and safety are all enhanced. Engines no longer are required to be synchronized and multiple engine types can utilized.Power is still supplied to all system components even if an engine fails or is taken off line for servicing.



Caterpillar diesel engine with a Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® generator connected in an energy efficient VSG application.

Applications for Variable Speed Generation are varied and include drilling rigs, marine propulsion systems, and other deployments where multiple diesel generators are deployed.

The benefits for your system will vary. Contact Comprehensive Power today to discuss your requirements.