Drive and Control Electronics

TeraTorq® electronic drive

TIM-270 Drive

Today’s energy systems require electronic drives that convert and deliver clean power on demand.  Comprehensive Power has the expertise and drive systems to meet your needs whether providing variable frequency AC power for motors, balancing power demands among multiple independent sources or converting DC power from a battery bank or fuel cell to conventional grid-synchronized AC power.

TFM Drive Electronics Racking System

TFM Drive Electronics Racking System

TeraTorq® compact drive electronics are configured from 250 HP/200kW TIM-270 modular system building blocks that provide high-performance, intelligent power management.  Each TIM-270 can provide a multitude of functions, depending upon how it is deployed in the system.  Roles include DC to AC power inversion, AC to DC rectification DC to DC conversion, power balancing and conditioning.

The modular design and expandable architecture of the TeraTorq® electronics drive product line allow a single TIM module to work in concert with as large an array of TIM-270’s as necessary.  TIMs, designed for safety and reliability, feature rear-mated quick connect/disconnect for AC, DC, and coolant interface.  The TeraTorq® TFM modular frame system provides an easy and safe way to rack and connect TIM-270 units.