Custom Products

Supplementing the large selection of off the shelf TeraTorq® Permanent Magnet (PM) motors and generators, and our packaged drive and control electronics, Comprehensive Power provides custom solutions to help address unique requirements of our clients.

Today’s energy systems require electronic drives that can convert and deliver clean power on demand.  Whether providing variable frequency AC power for motors, balancing power demands among multiple independent sources, or converting DC power from a solar or fuel cell to conventional grid-synchronized AC power, Comprehensive Power has the expertise and drive systems to meet your needs.

Custom drive and control electronics can address specific power management or transmission requirements, or meet size and packaging requirements.

Custom drive electronics

Custom drive electronics control the operation of a client’s commercial wind turbine and transfer power from a Comprehensive Power wind turbine generator, bringing it to the grid.


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PM Generators are the choice for diverse energy applications, including wind, wave, and  tidal energy.  Comprehensive Power provides generators capable of harvesting the maximum amount of energy, working over a broad range of conditions and across a wide range of loads and operating speeds, which often eliminate the need for cumbersome gears and transmissions.  PM generators are self-exciting, eliminating the need for external power.

Custom PM Motors and generators are designed and manufactured to support power, speed, size, weight, operational, and environmental requirements.

High power custom permanent magnet generator.

Light weight, high power custom PM generator for a Comprehensive Power renewable energy client.


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Using high energy rare-earth magnets and our patented and proprietary coil technologies, Comprehensive Power builds PM motors that deliver up to five times the torque and power of conventional motors of the same weight and size.

High torque, quiet operation, permanent magnet motor.

High torque, quiet operation, custom PM Motor housed in a water proof casing for an underwater application.


High torque permanent magnet motor.

A client’s winch product embeds a small size, high torque custom PM motor from Comprehensive Power.


High power, rugged, long life hollow shaft permanent magnet motor.

High power, rugged, long life custom hollow shaft PM motor for a client’s drilling product.


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