Governor Deval Patrick visits Comprehensive Power

Marlborough, MA -  April 3, 2012.

UPDATE: Pictures of the Governor Deval Patrick visiting Comprehensive Power added 5/18/2012

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Governor Deval Patrick visited Comprehensive Power on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 and praised the company for “taking innovative ideas and designs and turning them into reality.”   Accompanied by members of the local press, Governor Patrick expressed particular interest in CPI’s products targeted at alternative energy markets and listened enthusiastically to Comprehensive Power’s plans to expand its manufacturing plant.

CPI founder Frank Jones and CEO Charlie Cuneo led the governor on a tour of the company’s manufacturing and design areas and explained the company’s technology and applications.

After the tour, Governor Patrick met with the press and explained how the creation of the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation, which has assisted Comprehensive Power with loan guarantees, is helping companies find access to funds that might otherwise not be available.  Patrick also  said that his administration’s push to consolidate and unify the community college system in the state will help close the skills gap in Massachusetts and train residents for mid-level jobs.

After meeting with the press, the governor sat with CPI management and executive staff from the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation to receive suggestions on how his administration could further assist the company in expanding within the state.  CPI executives stressed that access to a skilled and educated workforce, funds to support the acquisition of capital equipment, and help in expanding within the state would be key to the company’s continued growth.

Comprehensive Power is a growing designer and manufacturer of high performance motors, generators controls and drives – specializing in permanent magnet motor technology located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.   The company’s products are targeted at the oilfield, marine propulsion, alternative energy and military markets.

The company’s growth is based upon the success of its TeraTorq product, a line of modular, configurable motors, generators and control electronics designed for high power density and exceptional torque.  TeraTorq products address a broad range of applications using a shared product platform.

For further information about Comprehensive Power, contact Charlie Cuneo, CEO at 508-460-0010.