Comprehensive Power Opens New Advanced Engineering Center

May 24, 2012, Marlborough, MA – Comprehensive Power Inc. today announced it has expanded into a new location, an 8,200 square foot Advanced Engineering Center located at 200 Nickerson Road in Marlborough, MA. The new Engineering Center accommodates the increase in the engineering staff of the company required to meet the growing business of Comprehensive Power. The move to this new location also makes room for additional manufacturing capacity at the company’s headquarters at 420 Northboro Road Central in Marlborough.

“We continue to grow to meet the demand for our powerful permanent magnet motors and generators,” said Frank Jones, company president and founder. “The opening of our Advanced Engineering Center increases our capability to meet the unique requirements of our customers’ challenging applications.”

Comprehensive Power’s Advanced Engineering Center will house as many as 50 of the company’s engineers and technical staff. The location at 200 Nickerson Road includes a conference and training center, cafeteria and fitness center for use by the staff.


About Comprehensive Power, Inc.

Comprehensive Power is a designer and manufacturer of high performance motors, generators, controls and drives – specializing in permanent magnet motor technology, located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The company’s products are targeted at the oilfield, marine propulsion, alternative energy and military markets.

The company’s growth is based upon the success of its TeraTorq products, a line of modular, configurable motors, generators and control electronics designed for high power density and exceptional torque. TeraTorq products address a broad range of applications using a shared product platform.

For further information about Comprehensive Power, contact Charlie Cuneo, CEO at 508-460-0010.