Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and Comprehensive Power

Comprehensive Power’s unmatched expertise in permanent magnet generators and power control electronics puts us at the forefront in developing systems to harvest the most usable energy from alternative sources, including solar, fuel cells, wind, wave and tidal power.

Our motors and generators have been configured to work in hybrid systems, alternatively providing drive power and regenerative braking as the situation requires. While automobiles are a popular example of hybrid technology, we are applying the same principles to other vehicles and systems.

Our systems are currently at work converting wind energy, tidal and river current energy and other energy sources into power for a variety of applications and companies. We work well with established as well as start-up companies combining our efforts to result in truly differentiated, enabling solutions.

Teratorq generator and custom drive electronics

A Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® generator and custom drive electronics (blue, in center of turbine) about to be deployed underwater to convert hydrokinetic energy into grid compatible electricity.


Integrating alternative and conventional systems requires expertise in power electronics, safety and regulatory issues. Comprehensive Power’s machines, power electronics and controllers can be configured to meet your needs for grid tie-in or other end uses.

Permanent magnet generator on wind turbines

Lightweight and efficient, PM Generators from Comprehensive Power are deployed on each of the six wind turbines in the picture.


The benefits of selecting a Comprehensive Power solution for your Renewable Energy System



Renewable energy project experience from single kW projects to multiple MW projects, converting power from multiple energy sources. CPI provides advanced design and operational capabilities along with unmatched technology expertise.
Widest Operating Range. In addition to utilizing permanent magnets, our advanced designs enable the systems of our clients to generate electricity across the widest possible range of available energy.Our generators can become motors used to “kick start” a turbine during startup conditions.Example – A CPI client’s wind turbine generates electricity with wind speeds as low as 11mph.
Highest Efficiency. CPI has provided generators for renewable applications with efficiencies greater than 98%.
Rugged and Resilient. All of our products are designed for long life, maintenance free performance within the harshest environments.
Inverters and Electronics. CPI generators can be easily integrated with electronics designed by our client or provided by a third party, or we can provide electronics.
Custom solutions. Collaborations with our clients have yielded products which optimally leverage the power of the renewable energy source while taking advantage of specific features of a client’s unique design, while meeting the client’s performance, size and weight requirements.

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