Top drive motor on an oil rig
A Comprehensive Power Top Drive Motor on an Oil Rig

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No environment is tougher on equipment than the oilfield. Comprehensive Power has been building equipment for the oilfield since our founding in 1998. Our TeraTorq® motors have been designed specifically to provide maximum capabilities in a package that fits smaller profile masts. TeraTorq® motors produce over 20,000 Hp and work with industry standard drive electronics or our more compact TIM-270 modular drives. TeraTorq® motors’ steel construction and advanced stators are designed for harsh environments and high axial shock loads.

Our experience in the oilfield has led to the development of critical oilfield technology, including: Patented directional drilling techniques that increase rates of penetration during long reach horizontal drilling.

Comprehensive Power’s TeraTorq® motors are a family of modular, configurable liquid-cooled permanent magnet motors available to 20,000 horsepower. TeraTorq® motors are rugged, variable speed, high-torque and high performance permanent magnet AC electric motors. They provide very high power-to-volume and power-to-weight ratios, and maintain full torque down to extremely low shaft speeds. They are readily modified to match system mounting and interface requirements.




Compact and lightweight Comprehensive Power’s motors meet very tight space and weight requirements, providing the ability to put extraordinary power directly where it is needed.
Rugged and reliable CPI motors are transportable and withstand harsh operating environments while providing years of trouble-free use.
Designed for safety Peace of mind and safer work environment.
Highly efficient Lower energy consumption for the power output reduces operating costs. In remote locations, where diesel fuel is used to generate electric power, CPI motor efficiency significantly reduces fuel transportation costs.
Easy to operate Operation by field personnel without specialized electrical training.
Quiet Can be deployed in noise sensitive environments and applications.
Easy to integrate Lower cost to deploy. CPI motors can be integrated with CPI drive systems or a broad range of standard drive electronics.

Hydraulic driven generator sets that produce stable DC power on rotating equipment without the need for slip rings.

Caterpillar diesel engine with TeraTorq

Caterpillar diesel engine with a Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® generator connected in an energy efficient VSG application.

Variable Speed Generation (VSG)

Comprehensive Power Permanent Magnet (PM) Generators are also utilized within variable speed generation (VSG) configurations, typically consisting of multiple diesel engines, a Comprehensive Power TeraTorq® PM generator for each engine, and TIM modules drive and control electronics. This system architecture provides operators with several benefits including:



Reduce fuel consumption. Rather than operating diesel engines continuously at full speed, engine speed is automatically adjusted based upon actual system power requirements.
Reduced emissions. Tests with Comprehensive Power PM Generators have shown significantly reduced emissions of Hydrocarbons, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and other particulates during diesel engine operation.
Reduced Noise. Engines operating at reduced speeds are quieter. In addition to the safety benefits of lower noise, certain field activities (such as drilling) may be able to be located closer to populated areas due to quieter operations.
Reduced engine wear. Your engines will last longer. VSG operation shields engines from torque transients, which cause engine thermal fatigue, stress, and mechanical resonance.
System flexibility, redundancy, and safety are all enhanced. Engines are no longer required to be synchronized. Power is still supplied to all system components even if an engine fails or is taken off line for servicing.

Modular TeraTorq drive electronic exampleModular TeraTorq® drive electronics are small, powerful, flexible and smart and can be safely reconfigured in the field without specialized equipment.
Today’s energy systems require electronic drives that convert and deliver clean power on demand. Comprehensive Power has the expertise and drive systems to meet your needs whether providing variable frequency AC power for motors, balancing power demands among multiple independent sources or converting DC power from a battery bank or fuel cell to conventional grid-synchronized AC power.

Another TeraTorq drive electronicThe modular design and expandable architecture of the TeraTorq® electronics drive product line allow a single TIM module to work in concert with as large an array of TIM-270’s as necessary. TIMs, designed for safety and reliability, feature rear-mated quick connect/disconnect for AC, DC, and coolant interface. The TeraTorq® TFM modular frame system provides an easy and safe way to rack and connect TIM-270 units.

TeraTorq® compact drive electronics are configured from 250 HP/200kW TIM-270 modular system building blocks that provide high-performance and intelligent power management. Each TIM-270 can provide a multitude of functions, depending upon how it is deployed in the system. Roles include DC to AC power inversion, AC to DC rectification, DC to DC conversion, power balancing and conditioning.

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