Military power systems have stringent requirements for ruggedness, stealth and reliability. As the power demands for today’s military increase, these systems must also be efficient. The ability to operate effectively within a remote region is directly tied to the ability to reliably meet and sustain the overall energy requirements of the mission. At Comprehensive Power, we work directly with the military and their prime contractors to design, build and support innovative energy systems. Some areas of application include:

  • PM Motors
  • Generators
  • Controllers
  • Drives
  • Electronics for radar systems

Comprehensive Power designs and manufactures motors, generators, drives and electronics used in extreme environments. The design and manufacture is in accordance with strict requirements such as size, temperature and reliability. Comprehensive Power’s solutions are deployed in places that demand the utmost in dependability in harsh environments and including the ability to withstand high axial shock loads. Our solutions range in size and power and performance conditions, while providing years of trouble-free service.




Motors for extreme operating conditions, including underwater deployments.

Comprehensive Power’s designs are currently used in a variety of military applications. These solutions range in size from small form factors requiring very high power to larger designs with strict energy requirements. Comprehensive Power provides off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom designs.

iRobot® 710 Warrior®

Comprehensive Power’s motors and drives are used to provide mobility for the iRobot® 710 Warrior®


Comprehensive Power’s products provide very high power-to-volume and power-to-weight ratios, and maintain full torque down to extremely low shaft speeds. They are readily modified to match system mounting and interface requirements. Our solutions are ideally suited for robotics because they can meet the requirements for small form factors while maintaining high power-to-volume ratios.

Ultra quiet motors

Ultra quiet motors for use in stealth environments.


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