Marine Propulsion

electric marine propulsion in action
In marine propulsion systems, Comprehensive Power’s TeraTorq motors connect directly to propeller shafts, allowing propellers to deliver full torque at a full range of operating speeds. Diesel engines powering the electric motors can be operated at variable and optimum speed for increased maneuverability.

Built into a diesel-electric propulsion system, or a hybrid diesel-electric system, consisting of an electric motor and drives, a battery bank and a diesel generator, Comprehensive Power’s PM technology provides a cost-effective way to conserve on-board space, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption and improve vessel control.

Comprehensive Power’s EcoMarine Propulsion systems are modular and redundant. They are easily and safely reconfigured in emergency situations because power modules are interchangeable and can be replaced at sea without a trained electrician. If a diesel engine fails, remaining power can be instantly redistributed to maintain control of the vessel.

The almost instant feedback available from the electronic controls allows the propeller to be stopped and even reversed within milliseconds of encountering an obstruction to prevent a jam or damage.

You can read more about the EcoMarine “PowerRing”tm marine electric/hybrid propulsion drive system at